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A List Of Expository Essay Writing Prompts For 9th Grade Students

As with everything that you will be asked to do throughout the course of your academic career, there are rules that you will need to follow when writing your expository essay. As a ninth-grader, you will probably already be familiar with the process and understand the basic requirements of expository style writing. However, you may not have consciously realized that the questions, or prompts which you use have been purposefully crafted to enable you to get the best out of your writing.

Here is a list of expository paper prompts which will be just perfect for 9th grade students:

  • Think of ways that the internet has saved lives and then write an essay to explain why.

  • Think of ways in which the internet, in particular, the dark web can destroy lives.

  • Explain how someone living in Alaska will have a very different lifestyle to someone living in New York City, and in particular, how climate influences their day to day lives.

  • Imagine you are on board an aircraft and are about to embark upon your annual vacation. How could someone having a panic attack destroy your vacation plans?

  • With many Americans finding it ever harder to get a well-paid job, many are turning to crime out of desperation. Think of ways in which people that are at risk of going down that road can be identified and helped BEFORE they commit a criminal act.

  • There is a lot of concern and there have been numerous surveys stating that school kids are spending far too much time staring at the screens on the tablets and smartphones, and are not interacting in the real world, or even getting any sleep. Write a for or against essay exploring the pros or cons of this.

  • Cheating comes in many different shapes or forms and it is impossible for teachers to be as vigilant as they used to be. Explore the different aspects of cheating in relation to your school or course work. Is it really such a big deal? Is there ever any justification for it?

  • If the media is correct, then it would seem that there is a looming mental health crisis among teenagers. Take a teenage mental health issue (self-harming/eating disorders etc.) and fully explore the root causes, as well as what more people can do to identify those that are in need of help.