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Viewing Crime

There are many ways to view crime, but one of the most common ways is to divide crime based on the type of crime it is. Each year Criminal Intelligence Services Canada (CISC) issues a national report on Organized Crime in Canada. The purpose of the annual national report from Criminal Intelligence Services Canada (CISC) is to inform and educate the Canadian public on things such as the effects of Organized Crime. By making said effects visible and of concern to every community and region in Canada, the annual reports allow citizens and law enforcement to recognize to combine and take a stand against the effects. The CISC has identified eight national policy priorities in the fight against Organized Crime of which illicit drugs, finance crime, and human smuggling have seen many changes as they remained national priorities. These changes have been the result of redefining organizational crime, changes to legislation, technological innovations, supply and demand, socio-economic events, and efforts to integrate law enforcement.

As indicated in the 2007 report, the illicit drug trade has proven itself a major enemy given that drugs have led to homicides, violence between groups, assaults, and other property crimes conducted by those who are under the influence and often attempting to get money. The use of illicit drugs has also created mass negative health effects such as the spread of HIV/AIDS. Those who grow marijuana in residential areas use unsafe electrical diversions so as to illegally obtain power which then places unnecessary strain on existing power supplies causing an increase in prices for residents and business owners. The issue of methamphetamine initiates violent behavior in users. Self contained labs for meth are highly unstable as they require corrosive, toxic, and combustible chemicals during production.

In terms of financial crime, economic harm has been felt by Canadians due to credit card fraud, securities fraud, and identity theft. Because of the market crash, the value of the dollar changed, the housing market crashed, and as a result, many people experienced mortgage fraud. Such activity takes place through online data mining, sifting through personal mail, black market websites, and payment card fraud.

Human smuggling often forces female immigrants into the sex trade in order to pay off a debt acquired for smuggling them into Canada or in order to pay for housing. Victims then suffer from physical and mental abuse including starvation, death threats, sexual assault, servitude, and torture. There are many threats associated with this such as acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police estimated that each year an average of seven hundred people were trafficked into the country.