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Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is one of the main political issues that caused the Democrats to lose control of the US Senate in the mid-term elections of 2014.  Many Americans are disenchanted with President Obama’s Administration stance on immigration reform.  During the 2014 Midterm elections, many Democrats lost their Senate seats and House of Representatives seats due to the fact that they are democrats. The voters in the 2014 elections aligned the Democratic members of Congress with President Obama’s Administration stance on immigration reform.  But, many voters of the 2014 elections failed to realize that immigration reform was not happening because of the Republican members of Congress who refused to work with President Obama to pass bills on immigration reform.  The House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Republicans, has made it their life mission to make it difficult for President Obama’s administration to pass any bills concerning immigration reform.  The Republicans in both the Senate and House of Representatives have done everything in their power to ensure that President Obama’s agenda does not pass or get approved.

The President Obama Administration have made great moves regarding immigration reform like ensuring that the borders between the USA and Mexico are more secure.  President Obama has passed legislation that allows children who are born in the USA and are citizens to remain in the USA.  The US government is starting to ensure that individuals who cross the US borders illegally have a speedy trial and are returned to their home countries as soon as possible.  The Obama Administration is trying to find ways to deal with the influx of unoccupied minors who are entering the US borders illegally.  The Obama Administration is even trying to find ways to ensure that people who have entered the US illegally, but have been here for a while can stay.  The Obama Administration is trying to pass legislation for non-citizens who have been law-abiding and hardworking individuals to be able to get their citizenship.  But, the non-citizens would have to wait their turn after the resident aliens who have turned in the necessary paperwork and are waiting for their citizenship to come through.  The President Obama Administration is trying to pass bills regarding Immigration Reform, but with both Houses of Congress being controlled by the Republicans it will be hard for the Obama Administration to do so.

When the 2016 mid-term elections come around, the Democrats will be in control of both Houses of Congress because the American voters will be upset with the Republicans.  The voters will realize that it was not President Obama not getting the job done, but the Republicans not getting the job done when it comes to immigration reform.  Immigration reform will always be a hot topic in politics.