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A List Of The Most Popular College Essay Topics For Students

College students have reached an age where they are quite conversant with what an essay is all about. Yes, they hardly know about formatting or a methodical take on a subject, but they know the nuances and the way to handle the head, body and tail of the piece.

Convenience of students

For their convenience, just to keep the interest going; teachers keep pushing them with popular essay topics. These are topics which keep cropping up for debates and discussion and always have a fresh aspect.

Here are 10 popular essay topics at their disposal

  1. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Capitalism – Right through the Cold War; we have listened to the ubiquitous debate – Capitalism versus Communism. Let’s assess the highs and lows of the former.
  2. Should the mass media be blamed for sexualizing the society? – The impact of mass media on our minds and the strength of graphic images cannot be undermined. Are they solely to blame for the sexualizing of society.
  3. The impact of terrorism and 9/11 – This topic needs no introduction. It has been done and will be done till Doomsday.
  4. Indulge into the demands and progression of energy efficiency – Energy crisis looms large over our planet. Developed and developing countries need to take urgent steps to curb carbon footprints and sustain Green Energy modules. An essay beckons.
  5. Is there a way to neutralize the whole issue of gender bias or racism? – Let the students come with a magic wand they may brandish to eradicate the evils of society. Let them show us the way.
  6. Brainstorm into the actual mindset of Jihadis – It is crucial to note what prompts Jihadis to fight for death; what makes them warm to the idea of being a suicide bomber.
  7. The rising economy of an island called Australia – Australia has ravished one and all with its startling rise from nowhere within the scope of 150 years. An essay will set the tone right.
  8. What tempering nodes can be placed on politicians to make them more accountable? – Politicians need to be made more accountable; more alert towards present situation. Evaluate how they may be tempered into being so.
  9. In what ways can the current education system be improvised upon? – Let students come out with ways to calibrate their careers through a probing essay.
  10. How much impact has Open Market had on exploitation of the fair sex? – Open Market has been a predecessor of Show Business and Show Business has created means to exploit the fair sex. Comment.