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Looking For Easy Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

If you need an easy persuasive essay topic then looking into these areas might be helpful:

  • Jane Austen
  • History
  • Louis L’Amour
  • Trains

Jane Austen

The author Jane Austen wrote many books depicting her heroines in different settings, which makes them prime material for any paper. There are so many different scenarios one could come up, for example what if Fanny Price did not say ‘no’ to Henry Crawford? What if Willoughby had proved himself to his aunt by sticking to Maryanne? The plausibility of these things, if they had happened would the characters still get their happy ending and would some be better off for it?


History is one of the best places to look for a persuasive argument. You can take almost every tragic circumstance in history and use it for a persuasive essay. Just talk about how things might have turned out if World War I could have been avoided. Could more lives have been saved from the Titanic? Choose a historical event and persuade your audience that if ‘a’ had not happened then ‘b’ would not happened and we still would have been fine.

Louis L’Amour

The western author Louis L’Amour is the best author to go to when looking for something to appeal to men. Using one of Louis L’Amour’s stories is a great way to persuade young men to ‘buck up and quit whining’. What Louis L’Amour does is show, in his stories, what being a man really counts for and if you cannot stand on your own two feet then you cannot protect anyone, not even yourself. You can even use his stories as a means of persuading young men to realize that the ‘troubles’ they have now are nothing compared to what those men faced in the wild west.


Trains are a dying means of business in the United States but over in Europe they are still very popular. Pick a topic like ‘the Importance of Trains’ and persuade your listeners that trains need to be brought back for the good of the economy. Talk about the many jobs needed in order for trains to run smoothly, providing work for many all over the country and thereby decreasing the number of people wondering around without a job. You could even use a topic like ‘why trains are better than semi-trucks’ as a means of persuasion. Just use as an example all the accidents that semi-trucks are involved in and how these would be decreased with more trains running.