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Some Fresh Ideas For Selecting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

Trying to find a fresh aspect for a paper can be a challenge, as there is very little in this world that has not been written on already. Use this as a guideline in looking for your compare and contrast essay topic:

  • Look at what has been compared already
  • Take a step back or two
  • Use history and the government
  • Study animal behavior

Look at what has been compared already

A good way to find what to write about is to look at what already has been done. You will not have time to look at every compare and contrast paper ever written but picking one field will narrow the search down a bit and you can be picky, you just want to look around a bit to get an idea of what has already been done. This will make finding your topic to compare and contrast a little easier, since all you have to do is avoid what has already been used. Perhaps that is easier to say than do, but it is a start to get you going.

Take a step back or two

Sometimes looking at the larger picture can help pinpoint a worthy essay topic. If there is something in class you would like to write your comparison paper about then take a step back to look at the work in its entirety rather than focusing on one aspect. This will allow you to see from more than one angle and hopefully find something to compare or contrast.

Use history and the government

Some of the best comparison or contrasting papers come from material provided by history or the government. History is full of characters, such as kings, tyrants or explorers whose methods can be compared to one another or contrasted. The government of one country can be contrasted with another, comparing which one is better or worse.

Study animal behavior

You can find something to compare or contrast by studying animals in the same family categories. You can find a practically unlimited list of things to compare in the animal kingdom; all you have to do is look. Killer whales, for example, may be found in different areas of the world but they differ from each other from their communication to their hunting techniques. The different birds or wild cats can also provide great source material for compare and contrast papers, even if you were to compare those in captivity to those out in the wild.