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Writing Fundamentals: Does An Informative Essay Need A Thesis

An informative essay is a type of writing which seeks at predominantly imparting knowledge and information about any explicit topic. It is a simple composition which does not provide any sort of analysis, judgement or commentary. It is written for topics, where no kind of opinions or arguments are needed. Such writings assignments are given to students at school and university levels to develop their expository writing skills.

A lot of research is required for these types of write ups. Quotes and famous lines of authors and economists can be used to make it more interesting. And mostly topics which benefit the audience are selected as the main aim of this style of writing is to provide information to readers.

Thesis statements

A thesis statement is a must and should be included in the introductory paragraphs. The basic objective of this is to break down the topic into various constituent parts. This is the base for the success of the following article as it informs the readers in a brief manner about what’s in store for them.

Some basic guidelines while writing the statement are:

  • It should be very crisp and precise. It should not be exaggerated and the word limit should be kept well in mind.

  • The writing should be very simple and plain.

  • The readers should be able to read the sentence just once and that should grab their attention.

A statement should give a description in brief without expressing any view or an opinion. Some common types of articles which require these statements are listed below:

  • Explaining new and unknown facts to the readers

  • Presenting a research or survey’s results

  • Defining a technical term or concept which is complex to understand

  • Comparison of different and contrasting views for a given topic

  • Cause and effect relationships

  • Instructions on problem solving

This is very different from the other write ups like that of an argumentative article or a persuasive type. This is a very neutral in nature and is mostly meant for students studying disciplines like Engineering, architecture, science or medicine.

The last part of an informative article is the conclusion. It should not bring in any new information and should summarize all the points discussed before.

If the informative essay is written likewise following the aforesaid aspects in mind, you can surely grab a decent score. Writing these sorts of write-ups is not a complicated task if the fundamental aspects are understood by the students properly.