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Choosing Catchy High School Religious Essay Topics

Depending on your high school rules and policies, you would be allowed to choose your own topics (and interests) of study. A rather popular subject chosen by many students is religion. To be honest, religion is a very vast topic and there are seemingly endless things to discuss about it. But obviously, as with all other high school subjects, you would be required to write essays on religion. Here are a few ideas for you to choose some wonderful topics for your essay.

Education and Religion

As you are aware, there are quite a few relationships between education and religion. Religion serves as a foundation for all cultures and it is rather unique, depending on your geographical location. In most societies, you have the freedom to choose what your own beliefs, but that would also mean that your education could be affected as well. Would it be beneficial to your education or not? Or is religion a debilitative element to a young person’s live? It would be a good idea for you to explore this idea and expand upon it. Remember, there is no right or wrong in this essay!

Violence and Religion

If you follow the news all the time, then you would begin to realise that religious people could get violent – really violent. It seems that there are certain people in the world who just cannot accept the existence of other religions. That results in cultural clashes and really violent acts. People die because of religion, but that doesn’t make religion a bad thing – there are just times when people misinterpret things. It really is an interesting essay topic to talk about; it would be even better if you could link something back to the Crusades in the medieval times. Was it really worth it?

In the name of…

That’s one of the most common phrases nowadays and people say “in the name of…” and they do irrational things. However, they are simply using religion as a reason for their personal acts. If a person is using the name of their God (depending on his or her beliefs), it should only be used to help others and certainly not cause harmful effects.

All religions are guiding people towards the path of peacefulness. Again, this is something that you should discuss in your essay.