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Cause And Effect Essay Writing Tips: The Outline Format

A cause and effect essay is an assignment concentrated on the ability of students to determine the reasons why something happened and the consequences it has or might have. To write such a paper, students have to demonstrate strong analytical skills. They also have to organize a discussion of their ideas and thoughts.

It’s suggested that students analyze three causes or effects of any event, subject, or situation. Each point should be described in a separate paragraph. A typical cause and effect essay consists of five paragraphs, so it makes sense to prepare an outline before starting to write the assignment. The outline might be written in one of three varieties of format, depending on the situation being analyzed:

  1. One cause and several consequences.
  2. The thesis statement should clearly state a factor that leads to different consequences. The body paragraphs should provide explanations on two or three groups of consequences. A conclusion should restate the main idea of the essay.

  3. Several causes and one effect.
  4. You should provide a thesis statement that mentions the effect of the events that lead to such a consequence. Then, you need to write three body paragraphs explaining what leads to the situation with supportive details. The last paragraph should provide a brief conclusion.

  5. A causal chain.
  6. If your situation requires writing about a domino effect, you should formulate a thesis idea mentioning the first and last parts of the causal chain. Keep in mind that you need to describe the most important dominos in the chain, so you might end up with more than three body paragraphs. However, your conclusion should highlight the most interesting and vital elements of the chain.

To learn more about a cause and effect essay structure, you can go to your school’s library, visit the academic writing center, or look for help options on the Web. The latter option is the most popular among students since this is the fastest way for them to get what they need. Usually, they search for sample papers and outline templates.

To benefit from these examples, you need to select high-quality documents. Firstly, read the requirements of your professor carefully to find out what formatting style you should use. Secondly, look for essays and outlines formatted according to your requirements. Thirdly, try to get a sample outline somehow related to your study situation, so you’ll find out how to organize your writing in a proper manner.