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Writing An Expository Essay About Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a master piece of art by the ever famous play writer and a legend Williams Shakespeare. The novel is a story of love, drama, tragedy, sacrifice and the circumstances that make people take irreversible decisions. Like most of the works by the author, this also has a strong presence of tragedy and leaves a strong impact on the mind of the reader. An expository essay is the type of assignment where you have to explain a certain aspect of the subject to the audience. This requires the writer to have a strong grasp of the subject and include valuable information about it so that the audience can get the point and idea of reading the work

If you are supposed to write an expository essay about Romeo and Juliet, you should read their story, watch the play, get accustomed with the characters and then read the works of other authors about it. During this process, you have to stay open to learning so that you can observe the approach of different authors and learn from it. It is not necessary that you agree with all of them but you can at least stay open to learning.

Here is a best approach towards writing a winning essay about Romeo and Juliet in an expository style

Start your paper with the introduction paragraph like any other assignment. The introduction should be brief and precise so that it can present the entire scope of work without being redundant or boring. Ideally, you should insert a hook in the introduction paragraph in form of a quote, anecdote, fact, surprising statement or an assertion that will make your readers curious to read the rest of your assignment. Include your thesis statement by the end of the introduction paragraph

The second paragraph in your paper will be the start of your body. You can write this one about Romeo and his character. You can discuss different traits of his personality and use the quotes from the play as an evidence to prove your stance. Start your paragraph with a topic sentence and end it at a summary line for your readers to be clear about what your paragraph was about

Follow the same order as the above paragraph for the third one where you will discuss about Juliet

The following paragraph will be the end of your body where you will show the impact of both on each other

Conclude your work