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How Do I Write A Cause And Effect Essay On Obesity?

When writing about obesity and health problems related to it, one should be very cautious not to offend people and make rude generalizations. It is vital to inform about all the characteristics of the illness. Cause and effect essay is a great way to present all the problems related to obesity and offer some solution based on the data you have collected. You are not judging people or hurting anyone by writing about it, because you are just trying to find out the core of the problem.

Present many causes

Find many causes and try to debate why some of them are plausible and others are not. Behind every point you make there should be a reference to a research or a paper, which proves that point. If you just write down possible causes, it will sound like you are making your own conclusions based on your conviction, and not facts. Read some articles about obesity, inform as much as you can about the modern repercussions and the social aspects of the problem, especially for the young.

Up to date data

Use relevant data that is up to date. When you are writing about a medical issue, it is important to use information that is fresh, because things are constantly changing and improving. If you base your essay on a book that has been written 20 years ago, your conclusion will be faulty. Read newspaper articles, blog posts, and medical journals or just watch some documentaries about obesity. This way you will understand more easily the cause of obesity, and that is the starting point of your essay.

Find an example

If you truly want to understand the problem and effects of obesity, you should talk to someone who has dealt with the disease. You can also find someone that has a history of that problem in their family, or a close friend who has suffered. Ask them to talk to you; try to imagine yourself in their shoes in order to truly understand all the causes and effects obesity has in one’s life.

Be positive

When you are writing the conclusion of your essay, focus on the effects and seriousness of the problem, and not on ideas that might be judgmental or offensive. Even if you think that weakness is the main issue with obesity, try to think of a constructive point of view, and offer some solution instead of criticism.