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A Selection Of Twenty-Five Good Essay Topics For 5th Grade Students

When we talk about the write up the first thing that comes to our mind is an essay. We have learned all the basic rules and norms of writing from it. It might be an argumentative or it might be a descriptive work or it might be any other form of writing, essays has given us strength to overcome any format of writing. So to gather a complete knowledge and be a master at writing pieces one must be aware of all the things that are needed to compose a good write up.

Few basic rules:

  • A nice selection of topic which will be advantageous for your work.

  • One should maintain a great introduction so that the author is interested to read further.
  • It should be concise and should have a peek at all the things that you are going to discuss in your work.

  • It must be having at least a 2 paragraph of body.

  • A nice and tight conclusion is what is needed for the ultimate hammer on the nail. It will make the deep insight amongst readers and will make them ponder over your writings.

25 good essay topics for 5th grade students:

  1. The importance of recycling and reusing.

  2. The greatest thing that i have achieved.

  3. If I were an inhabitant of a different country.

  4. The most dangerous thing which I should try and face my fear.

  5. The best book that I have ever come across.

  6. The things that I would have done if I was the president.

  7. The thoughts and perceptions about high school.

  8. If I learn to drive, where I would drive to.

  9. The science fair in school and my project in it.

  10. The most breathe taking invention that I have ever heard of.

  11. If I could make a homework machine.

  12. The best grade that I have got and how did I achieve that.

  13. The best thing that I like to do on the internet.

  14. How do I think the society should be like?

  15. How to prepare yourselves for middle school.

  16. What is the most good and the annoying thing of having a neighbour.

  17. If I was to travel inside an invisible maze.

  18. What is my hiding place at home?

  19. Why Halloween is so special to me.

  20. One should learn the meaning of good sportsmanship.

  21. How would it be like to travel inside a volcano?

  22. The most intriguing day of my life.

  23. The best picnic that I ever had.

  24. One thing that I care about the most in this world.

  25. What is the importance of planting trees?