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Searching for a Five Paragraph Essay Sample for Middle School

Middle school classes can be quite a challenge for the teacher. One difficulty is the expectations of these young students is more than what they were asked to do in primary school. The essays they are being assigned to write are not one or two paragraphs, but five. The children may feel a little anxious and want to at least have an idea of what to do. A sample five paragraph essay is going to help immensely. You can check out a few sources to find some very interesting samples.

  • Teachers Guides. The textbook publisher ordinarily prints these up to help the teachers and samples of theirs compositions are included in the content.

  • Samples from Colleagues. Schools definitely promote teamwork among faculty members and another teacher whom you work closely with may have some samples that you can use. Naturally, you will return the favor at some later time.

  • Take a Look at the Online Sources. The Internet has become a place where teachers can look for all kinds of teaching aids to help in a pinch. A number of these contain the five paragraph essay samples you will need to show your students.

  • Your own work you have done. If you have taught the class before you may still have some samples in your files. If not, check your records to find whether or not you did some of this kind of writing in the past.

  • Writing Companies Online. Writers have considered the Internet as a place to set up business and there are number of platforms offering writing services. These sites may include samples of five paragraph essays you can use. While you’re looking online you may also want to check out a few blogs. Those that are hosted by professional writers or English teachers may include samples you can use.

Former students may still have essays from the past but this is not something you can count on. Looking for samples ought to impress on you the importance of keeping a few every year you teach. You should not publicize the name of the student who wrote the work, but some of the best works can be kept for future reference and use. Young students appreciate being able to see what would be expected of them in writing this type of composition. It is a major project for them, and any help they receive is going to be greatly appreciated. Those samples you come up with are going to make things a lot easier for your students.