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How To Come Up With Good College Narrative Essay Topic

Writing a narrative essay can be tough especially when your creativity level is not up to par. Most students find it hard to writing papers, let alone compose a short story. However, no matter the level of creativity, the professor’s demands must be met and still, there are deadlines to meet.

Narrative essays usually consist of your own thoughts, ideas and beliefs, all written down in an essay format. As stated earlier, these papers can be difficult to write and that’s why, many students find themselves hiring others to write for them at a small fee. However, to complete any type of paper, you need to have great ideas. To write a great paper accurately and with good quality, you need to have outstanding topic ideas. It means that a good paper topic is essential in paper writing. This is because one is able to generate good ideas from a good topic.

So, which are the best topics when it comes to narrative paper writing? There are two types of Narrative Essays topics: Hypothetical and experience topics.

Hypothetical Topics

Hypothetical topics allow a person’s mind to expand and see great things. They help us use our imaginations and place us in some interesting situations which are way beyond our abilities. Hypothetical essays allow your mind to think outside the box and see what it can do if placed in certain situations. Some of these topics include

  • Things I Would Do for My Country if I Become President
  • How I Want My Future to Be
  • Things I Can Do if I Won a Lottery
  • My Perfect Wedding Day

Experience Topics

Writing a narrative paper based on our real-life experiences is very easy and exciting. This is because, coming up with a compelling paper using your own experiences is much simpler than writing on specific subject areas. Furthermore, the biggest advantage is that you’ve got a good basis for writing your outlines. Some of these topics include

    My First Day in College
  • The Best Day of My Life
  • The Greatest Accomplishment of My Life
  • How I Stopped Using Drugs
  • How I Saved Someone’s Life
  • Why my Marriage Failed and What I Could Have Done To Prevent it
  • How My Past Has Affected My Current Life
  • How I Learned Lessons from My Life

Remember that despite having a good topic, writing a story with a good flow keeps the readers yearning for more. The best thing to do while writing a narrative essay is to engage your readers by making your story as interesting as possible.